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All Belong Here – The Many – Lyric Video


From their 2017 album, “All Belong Here,” this song is a new kind of call to communion, a call to remember who we are, and how much we are loved, a song that sees God’s table as a place where we all belong, and that this whole world is God’s table, where we can eat and be filled, where we can drink in the grace.

The Many is a creative collective that believes there is power in singing together – it changes things inside us and around us – and their vision is to create music we can sing together that’s honest, full of questions, full of faith and doubt, full of longing. These are not songs about a God who only loves some of us. This is not head in the clouds “worship music” – but feet on the ground, heart in hands, scars revealed, wild and holy, liturgically-seasoned music of resistance, reconciliation and restoration. This is music made for people to sing with each other, in churches, in living rooms, in basements and bars…anywhere, everywhere… in spirit and in truth.

The Many features vocalists, Darren Calhoun, Leslie Michele and Hannah Rand, along with guests and collaborators. This lyric video was created by The Many using creative commons photos and video, as well as personal video footage from live events at Wild Goose Festival and St. Paul’s School of Theology. Band footage shot by Jason & Blue and Roberto Nieves.

All Belong Here – Lyrics

1. When you’re not sure who you really are When all you feel is the shape of your scars And you have more wounds than you can count Open your eyes, look all around You aren’t alone, this is your home Chorus Come and remember who you are here Do this to remember who I am Come and remember you belong here All belong here

2. When you don’t know how to forgive When locked doors seem like the only way to live And you’ve got more questions than you can count Open your eyes, look all around You aren’t alone, this is your home Chorus Bridge At this table come as you are Broken and bleeding’s ok At this table eat and be filled Come and drink in this grace.


Lyrics by Lenora Rand. Music by Hannah Rand © 2017 Plural Guild Music

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