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All Those Who Choose the Way

From the ‘Sing Young, Sing Joyfully’ collection

1. All those who choose the Way

Of noble living

Must seek to grow each day

In joyful giving,

For love demands we share

If we desire to care

And move beyond our fear

As God’s bright pilgrims.


2. Those who would fence us round

With gloomy moaning

Shall but themselves confound

While we are growing.

For justice we shall fight;

We’ll share God’s great delight

To work for what is right

And be a pilgrim.


3. Life’s darkest, tragic hours

Can’t break our spirit;

We know God’s gracious powers

Give all life merit.

Inertia flies away

When fear has lost its sway;

We’ll labour day by day

As God’s new pilgrims.


Tune:  “New Pilgrims” 

Original text by John Bunyan, Adaptation by William Wallace

Text © William Livingstone Wallace.  Arrangement © Barry Brinson

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Click here to see the score:  Wallace.All Those Who Choose (NEW PILGRIMS)


Tune: “Adventure”

Text and Music © William Livingstone Wallace

Harmony by Sue Lennon

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Click here to see the score:  Wallace.All Those Who Choose (Adventure)


Alternate Tune:  “Monk’s Gate” (found in many hymnals)


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