An Easter Week Prayer

By Rev. Gretta Vosper

From, We All Breathe, poems and prayers


This light which bathes the world, 

pours from a source so close, so near

and yet we cannot touch it

or fence it in that it not be lost.


This light which shatters darkness

is pierced together, flame by flame,

shining from a thousand sources

but is diminished by the loss of one.


This light which fills the furthest corner

brings with it warmth

to fill billions of hearts

and bind them with its common truth.


This light which pulls us toward tomorrow

is carried deep within each of our hearts

and lit by you and me and him and her

and all who live upon this earth.


This light which is yours and mine to carry

burns only in the hope-filled heart,

the source of all our inspiration

and all the beauty that will ever come to be.

Let it shine.

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