An Urgent Message for the trees

Please read and share with anybody who is preparing for a hurricane … This may be of help for your trees and property.

I originally wrote this blog in 2012, right after Hurricane Sandy. James and I were 75 miles southwest of the “Eye of the Storm”.

Our love and prayers are with each and every one of you facing a hurricane. Stay focused, clear and present. We are holding you all in immense LIGHT.



Magic is around us and in us every moment. I am in awe every time I witness it in action.

Back in October of 2012, my husband James and I found ourselves sitting right outside the Eye of the Storm of Hurricane Sandy. We were on the east coast, on tour offering concerts and sound healing activations with crystal singing bowls. Landfall was imminent and the beautiful couple hosting us in Pennsylvania were deeply concerned that an arbor of trees recently planted on their property would not survive the raging winds and torrential rains. They were also worried about the mature, established trees who felt like part of the family. The beautiful oak that held their children’s and now grandchildren’s treehouse nestled in her arms. The long row of Spruce they had planted when they bought their house, 20 years earlier, standing now like sentinels reaching for the stars. Not knowing what to do, they prayed and asked for guidance on how to protect their trees. In no less than an hour or two, they received an email forwarded from a friend who thought they might appreciate advice from a “Tree Whisperer.” Seriously! You can’t make this stuff up! The Tree Whisperer suggested that everyone in the area connect with the Spirit of the Trees, encouraging them to send their roots deep, deep into the earth and allow their limbs and branches to bend and sway with the wind.

Sing to the Trees for the Trees need your voice”. Our friends immediately asked my husband and I to help so before the storm set in, we all began talking to the trees on the property. Chanting these words like a mantra, we spoke to the trees, reminding them to “Bend and Sway! Bend and Sway! Send Your Roots Deep!” We continued into the evening up until we all went to bed. By that time, the winds were gusting up to 80 mph and continued strengthening through the night. When we awoke the next morning and looked outside, not a single tree had sustained any damage whatsoever. There was one broken limb … a limb they were planning to trim back because it was unsafe. Everyone was laughing because Mother Nature saved them the trouble and expense by doing it for them.

Walking down their driveway to the main road outside their property line, the damage was extensive. Roads were closed everywhere due to uprooted trees, broken and fallen limbs, downed power lines with dangling wires. People did not know, or they had simply forgotten how to whisper to the trees.

Our love can create miracles and magic in every moment. Our love can speak to the spirit of the ancient stones and trees. Our love can sing light into the darkest of days, be a voice of answered prayer, or an unexpected gift in a moment of great need.

We are all magicians as we walk our life’s path. What magic can you create today? What miracles will you whisper into being? How can your love help to heal and sustain all that surrounds you? Now is the time to find out.

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