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Another Breath: Prayers for Celebration and Reflection


Another Breath is a collection of prayers and liturgies that can be used in a faith community, at home, or in one’s own personal practice.  It is inspirational, creative, progressive, and deeply spiritual.  It is the prayer book those leading gatherings of spiritual communities have been looking for.  there seems to be a prayer or meditation for each moment and occassion.  This book is highly recommended.

“Prayer is a difficult topic for those who have wrestled with the concept of the theistic God to whom it is most usually addressed.  What we have learned about faith tradition has pushed us beyond the comfortable assurances that a supernatural being cares for and protects us and so our understanding of prayer is unsettled and unsure.  Yet many whose spiritual lives have moved beyond their release of such a god still find themselves drawnt to prayer and to what a life focused and nurtured by it can be.  Even beyond our former understandings, as a spiritual tool, prayer can still provide comfort, nurture, challenge and healing.  Its familiar rhythms and patterns can offer shelter to those who, well along their consequent journey out of traditional church find themselves spiritually homeless.  Because of this, despite our struggle to understand what it is we are doing and can do with this ancient practice, it is crucial that we recognize its continuing importance as we enable the emergence of new forms of spiritual community.”

Gretta Vosper, President of The Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity and Pastor of West Hills United Church, in Toronto, Canada.  Author of With or Without God, Holy Breath, and We All Breathe

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