Arousing the Spirit: Provocative Writings

These writings by author-poet Susan McCaslin offer fresh and alternative ways of seeing and understanding our relationship with Spirit. Christian-based, the 14 pieces that make up this collection (on topics such as perfectionism, paradise, the Beatitudes, Revelation, and presence) range beyond the compass of traditional Christianity to reveal universal wisdom and meaning.

Written in beautifully nuanced language that articulates her clear thinking and captures her poet heart, the book reflects the central passions of McCaslins life: mysticism (or the direct experience of the sacred) and its place in everyday life; peacemaking and justice; the relation of spirituality and sexuality; and the significance of Jesus of Nazareth once divested of outworn theology and his sappy Hollywood persona. McCaslin believes that actions speak louder than words or beliefs, and her pieces encourage us to explore ways to live life as a mystical dance.

Each chapter is prefaced by one of McCaslins exquisite poems, leading the reader into a place of quiet contemplation from which to explore the writing.

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