Ashana, All Is Forgiven, CD

From the Artist

In a world of abundant musical talents and the ever-expanding New Age music genre, Ashana emerges as a consummate artist of sound and healing with a style uniquely her own. Weaving together soaring, angelic vocals in an exquisitely crafted, luminous sonic tapestry, Ashana’s music has been described as Enya meets Hildegard of Bingen. Profoundly peaceful and soothing, this stunningly beautiful alchemy penetrates and opens the heart with healing music that has been called “breathtaking” and “pure Manna, direct from Heaven.”

Product Description

All Is Forgiven, the new CD from vocalist Ashana, is a luminous tapestry of soaring angelic vocals, haunting original melodies and the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls. Co-written and produced by renowned world music artist, Thomas Barquee, this stunningly beautiful alchemy calms and quiets the mind, returning you to a place of deep stillness and remembrance of the Divine – a place where you will be inspired and uplifted – a place of comfort and peace.All across the country, people are praising the benefits of this calming, soothing music:For restful sleep and relief from stress; As an accompaniment to yoga, meditation and prayer practices; As a complement to massage, bodywork and alternative healing modalities; During lullaby and naptime for children and preschools; As part of hospice, grief counseling and 12-step recovery; As an adjunct to healing and restorative therapies.

With a voice that sounds like it was touched by an angel and musical arrangements that strike an equal balance between heavenly and holistic, Ashana is an artist like no other. Her music reaches you on an emotional level, welling up feelings of gratitude, longing and peace.

All Is Forgiven blends sacred chant, mantra, crystal singing bowls and Ashana’s incomparable vocal improvisations. Called “a gift from heaven” by New Age Retailer, All Is Forgiven features one of the most exquisitely beautiful interpretations of the Ave Maria ever to be recorded.

“The first thing you notice about the amazing voice of Ashana is her radiance. An entire children’s chorale seems to dwell within this one female voice-timeless, ethereal, and-in its egoless way-powerful. Her voice stays so still and centered that one becomes cognizant of the world turning around it, the music playing, the time passing, but Ashana is outside it all. Her stunner of an album, All Is Forgiven, is perfectly suited in length and tonality for a short meditation. A blissful rendition of “Ave Maria,” opens with a slow three-note-chime series over which her vocals slowly coalesce, surging to operatic highs or holding long, healing energy tones as the music dictates. The miraculous quality of Ashana’s voice, its power to soothe and heal as it soars up octaves and holds notes until they blend with chimes into infinity … comes to us like a message from beyond, bearing white radiance and creating the healing space with which we can remember true destinies and connect with the eternal grace of the present moment.” – Daily Om

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