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Beloved, CD

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to Ashana’s highly acclaimed debut CD, All Is Forgiven, Beloved is a love song to the heart. Tender, joyful, gentle, and breathtakingly beautiful, the music of Beloved is a healing balm for the soul that will lift your spirit and carry you on waves of love into the arms of the Divine.

Featuring Ashana’s stunning angelic vocals and the luminous sound of crystal singing bowls, the songs on Beloved reflect a deep sense of compassion, vulnerability and lyrical sensitivity. Heard on this album is one of the most hauntingly beautiful interpretations of the Lord’s Prayer, sung in the original Aramaic, ever to be recorded and an exquisite rendition of the Gaelic prayer, Deep Peace.

Co-written, produced and arranged by Thomas Barquee, Beloved blends sacred song, chant, mantra and crystal singing bowls into a musical prayer for the heart, inviting you to step into grace and be bathed in pure love.

Musician Credits: I was deeply blessed to work with the following incredible musicians and artists on Beloved. Thomas Barquee (Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals), Cameron Stone (Cello), Girish (Tablas and Percussion), Simone Sello (guitars), and Raj Naik (photograpy, art direction and cover design).

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