Ashana & Thomas Barquee “Into Your Arms”- music video

Into your arms, I come, Beloved.
I am god, I am here for you.

I surrender.
To Your love.


Ashana & Thomas Barquee performing “into Your Arms”.
An exquisite live version of this beautiful song of love and devotion, from the CD “All Is Forgiven” by Ashana. Featuring Ashana’s angelic vocals and crystal singing bowls, with Thomas Barquee’s inspired keyboards and vocals.
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Recorded at the Lopez Center, Sept. 16th 2009, Lopez Island, WA.

Review & Commentary

  • Melissa Nelson

    Some of the most beautiful sounds and vocals I have ever heard. Fantastic job, and perfect for meditating. Thank you for sharing your talents and blessings with us.

  • Melissa Nelson

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Great meditation music.