Ask a Progressive Christian – Q: How does theology progress? What does it progress into?


Today’s “Ask a Progressive Christian” with board member Rev. Larry J. Morris III: How does theology progress? What does it progress into?



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Larry J. Morris III, Ph.D. an apostledigital marketerscholar, and spiritual director based in Henderson, NV. He helps individuals and organizations realize their extraordinary purpose.

After years of doing a lot-a-bit of everything in the nonprofit, religious, and social justice sectors, Larry decided to start his own company, where he can focus on the clients he wants to work with. Also, the entrepreneur in him was ready to reach out and “do the work my soul must have” – word to Dr. Katie Cannon. His soul work is using his gifts, knowledge, and creativity to support you in realizing your extraordinary purpose. Visit his website at

Larry is a PhD student at Christian Theological Seminary and earned his Masters of Divinity and Theology from Claremont School of Theology. He serves on the Board of Directors of

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