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Awe Fills Us

Words: Jim Burklo – 2014 (use freely with attribution)

Tune: Madrid – “Come Christians, Join to Sing”


Watch mountain shadows run

Allelujia! Amen!

Clouds gilded by the sun

Allelujia! Amen!

Hear tumbling water sing

Birds calling on the wing

In canyons echoing

Allelujia! Amen!

Breathe in the desert air

Allelujia! Amen!

Let footsteps call to prayer

Allelujia! Amen!

Layers of colored stone

Each one a holy throne

This world is not our own

Allelujia! Amen!

Hushed in a forest deep

Allelujia! Amen!

Secrets its branches keep

Allelujia! Amen!

Trees reaching for the sky

Leaves whisper with a sigh

Wind lifts them when they die

Allelujia! Amen!

Awe fills us at the shore

Allelujia! Amen!

Hearing the ocean’s roar

Allelujia! Amen!

Our souls with seabirds soar

Our hearts with love outpour

For One who came before

Allelujia! Amen!


(This and other “new words to old hymns” I’ve written can be seen here: – use freely with attribution.)

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