Bishop John Shelby Spong ~ June 16, 1931 – September 12, 2021
Bishop Spong provided a much needed place for those of us who did not connect with traditional theology. We love you Bishop Spong. You will be missed! Funeral services will be held at St. Peter’s, Morristown, NJ and at St. Paul’s, Richmond, VA. Dates and times will be announced as soon as they are available

Back to the Source: The Spiritual Principles Of Jesus

Written for those searching for practical spiritual guidance whether coming from a background based in Christianity, another religious tradition, or “spiritual, but not religious.” Dr. Mic Hunter has spent years assisting people with diverse backgrounds to identify, develop, and apply their spirituality. In his most recent book he focuses on the original principles taught by Jesus without attention to the miraculous aspects of the stories usually associated with him. In addition to examining these simple, yet profound principles, that have proven the test of time, Dr. Hunter describes the common psychological factors that can interfere with fully embracing this ancient wisdom on how to lead a fulfilling spiritual life.

He also demonstrates how to apply these principles to modern issues including, wealth, war, the role of women in religion, the treatment of gays and lesbians, and other important topics. Using humor and examples from his clinical practice and Twelve Step-based fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous he brings to life the principles taught by Jesus, and makes them relevant for today. Written with a no nonsense, tell it like it is, style developed from years of working with addicts of all types, he challenges his readers to re-examine their preconceptions about Jesus and his teaching. This book is sure to change the way you view Jesus, God, other people, and yourself.

Included are original photographs created by Dr. Hunter during his travels throughout the world.

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