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Be Like a Child

Something really bothers me Lord

You said that we have to be like little children

But I’ve just come from my sister’s house

And my little nephew was there

And he was having a right tantrum

She told my sister he hated her

And slammed doors and stormed off to his room

So forgive me if I’m a bit confused

Why you want me to be more like him.

Don’t get me wrong – he’s not always like that

Sometimes he can be so loving

When I arrive his eyes light up

And he rushes to the front door

And throws his arms around me

And when we go for walks he

Just has this natural wonder at

Even the simplest things – a flower,

A butterfly, a rainbow

He just has a joy for life

And he wants to know everything too

Why is this like this and

Why is that like that

He is just endlessly inquisitive

So maybe today I’m just getting

Things out of proportion

Maybe what you are saying

Is that you want all of us

To be more openly loving

To appreciate the wonder of the simplest things

To experience the Joy of Life

And to constantly thirst for new knowledge

And perhaps us adults are allowed

The odd off day too


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