Beyond Theology

This ten-part series of half-hour programs (3-DISC DVD) explores the notion that the guiding mythologies of modern civilization are undergoing a metamorphosis of historic significance. Throughout this series, noted theologians and scholars reflect upon the specific challenges of our time, addressing the roots of contemporary culture wars and global environmental crises. The series concentrates upon the emergence of viable world views that integrate scientific inquiry and spiritual insights while exploring the convergence of diverse religious traditions. Visit the Beyond Theology Website for more information about this series.

Review & Commentary

  • Lynn Norton

    I want to purchase this BEYOND THEOLOGY DVD SET. I have used it once for a group and it was very effective. The DVD disappeared. It says “out of stock” on Joan Chittister’s Benevision Website. Do you know where I can purchase it? Originally paid $60 I think. Great speakers, great introduction to a NEW WAY of THINKING.