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Blog from David Anderson – Greta Thunberg

I just returned from New York. While there I attended lectures at the Museum of Natural History by two noted Climatologists; Katharine Hayhoe and Cynthia Scharf.

Greta Thunberg was at the UN for the UN Climate Summit. Every word of her presentation was prescient. Her year 2030 is scientific fact. Deadly irreversible tipping points are approaching us. They could lead to our extinction.

This was confirmed by the two Climatologists. Also, they both stated that as tipping points are reached there will be no possibility of technological reversal.
Click here for Greta Thunberg’s presentation.
As in my last Blog, I will quote again from my new book, Overcoming the Threat to Our Future.

“We will have to change the way we view our present social, political, religious, philosophical and economic thought and the institutions that support that thought. We will have to separate out those originating presuppositions we have believed to be ‘inherent truths’ we are now discovering were built on non-sustainable ecological flaws. In their place we will have to design and introduce into society forms of thought and systems of governance that reflect new ethical formulae, the purpose of which will be the protection and continuance of the Earth’s diverse yet mutually supporting systems encompassing all life and nonlife.”

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