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Book Review: Prayers of Via De Cristo: Calls to Worship for Progressive Christians

by James Armstrong

For the many churches that have asked us for a book with calls to Worship and other liturgies, we now have an excellent one. It is Prayers of Via De Christo. It is the product of James Armstrong and many folks from the Via De Christo United Methodist Fellowship, in Phoenix Arizona. James Armstrong is listed as the author but as anyone knows, it takes someone to put in the work of gathering, organizing and writing. Armstrong gives plenty of credit to the many people from his church who helped him and encouraged him in his Acknowledgements.


Prayers of via de cristoThe book is divided into four sections that make is easy to use. They are: All About Us, Inner Workings, Seasons, and Special Circumstances. They are all written from a Progressive Christian perspective. The book was created both as a tool for finding meaningful prayers for your congregation but as Armstrong puts it, “perhaps even as inspiration for your own expressions and explorations into written and spoken prayer in your own journey in the way of Christ.”

I highly recommend this book.
Fred Plumer


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