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Boundless Love

Boundless love in all creation,

Source and pulse of human life,

Unseen hope of every nation,

Healer of disease and strife;

You are rich beyond our dreaming,

Bursting forth in sacred mirth,

Light and colour gaily streaming

Through the dull affairs of earth.


Doctrines, creeds and forms of worship

Dimly focus our belief,

Falter lamely after Lordship,

Bringing groping minds relief.

For no concept can contain you,

You are greater than them all;

And the rules we make to bind you

Hold ourselves, not God, in thrall.


Love and mercy, grace and healing

In a thousand forms we find;

You have countless ways of dealing

With the quest of humankind.

World religions trace the story:

Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew,

Each has caught a glimpse of glory;

All have heard a word from you.


Ever growing in our learning

From the folk of other creeds,

May we humbly with discerning

Follow where the Spirit leads.

Banish fears and indecision,

Fruitful dialogue afford;

Bid us share the priceless vision

We have seen in Christ our Lord!


Tune:  Abbot’s Leigh (or other

© David Stevenson 2010

Review & Commentary