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Broken for Good

BROKEN FOR GOOD takes the general public on a wild ride into the upside down world of nonprofit management. Hailed as both provocative and uplifting BFG uses an “emperor has no clothes” approach to confront the “crazy-making” that’s paralyzed the charitable sector for the past fifty years. Relying on vivid story-telling BROKEN FOR GOOD “challenges the existing order of things” inspiring society to solve global problems by first transforming the nonprofits in whom they invest.

BROKEN FOR GOOD is based, in part, on Jimmy LaRose’s RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY and the work of Dr. Kathleen Robinson of Clemson University. BFG also features Melinda Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dan Pallotta of the Charity Defense Council, Juanita Wheeler of Full & Frank, Nat Ware of 180 Degree Consulting and Diana Ruano of the UN Refugee Agency.
Lisa Pavlopoulos – Twitter Review

“As much as I love and support non-profit missions; and believe in philanthropy, it is true that “It’s a broken system”. I’ve had so many of these conversations with colleagues and friends in the past, I’ve lost count. I really look forward to seeing this film and encouraging others to check it out and weigh in. Solutions only come when dialogue is open!” ~Debbie Kris – Facebook Review

“Broken For Good – Excellent Trailer! It asks the question why charities are poor and the wrong mindsets/policies that chastise & hold back the people who are trying to solve some of world’s toughest problems. WHAT IF governments and society apply the corporate ‘for profit’ success module and bring in the brightest, best in industry and pay them what they deserve for doing a job in a non-profit? To Change the World, we have to Change the way we Think! — Treating non-profits with the same respect and consideration as the profit sector will cause a shift in social philanthropy, a big upgrade in services and assistance and most of all, set Non-profits free to really launch out and be a greater force for good in the communities they serve!” ~Chris Petrosin – YouTube Review

“This is an amazing trailer. I’ve coordinated “broken” nonprofits in the sense that all operating costs are underwritten so 100% of funding goes to the cause. That being said, we have not accomplished much in the way of volume assistance. The missions are life-saving and life-changing but are not voluminous. I can only imagine what could be accomplished by working on my passion full-time. Best wishes, NANOE, with changing the landscape!” ~Joy Campbell – Facebook Review

“Foundations and philanthropists MUST WATCH “BROKEN FOR GOOD: The Way Charity Works In The United States of America” and give non-profits the freedom to implement what they really need, “new best practices that respond to the specific needs of their community!” Charities can then hire the best in the field to accomplish their mission and achieve measurable outcomes. Unless we allow charities to invest donor dollars into savings and growth non-profits will continue to be hamstrung by the poverty mentality. Somewhere along the way, people came to believe that if a nonprofit paid competitive salaries, they were taking money away from the population they were created to serve. This video is so on point! Nonprofits could accomplish so much more if they operated like a for-profit business. In the corporate world, if you don’t accomplish your objectives, your business fails. And you can’t accomplish your objectives without the appropriate tools, including well educated, well paid staff. When for-profit businesses pay their employees competitive salaries, it doesn’t mean their product will be sub-standard! On the contrary, it means they will get a better product. Armed with the right tools, nonprofits could be just as successful as our most profitable corporations. Imagine that!”

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