Call to Worship for a Sacred Community

I believe what we say and sing at the beginning of a worship service can create the stage on which we play out an inclusive sacred community.


Call to Worship

Welcome! One thing is for certain. We are all welcome. This is the Jesus way. He called people to him; he asked people to come to him; he welcomed them; he got cranky with his disciples when they tried to prevent anyone, anyone at all coming to him. He ate with outcasts, those despised; he befriended tax collectors, those regarded as thieves; he encouraged children, usually ignored in adult community, to sit on his knees; he had meals with the elite and the riffraff; he conversed publicly with women although that was taboo; unlike the religious leaders of his day, he sought the company of all kinds and types of people, to affirm them, to challenge them, to call them to an abundant way of life. So we are all welcome. This is the Jesus way.


We sing together.


Tune Regent Square TiS 142


1. We are thankful for a greeting

And a welcome we all prize;

We have come to join in worship,

Searching for what satisfies;

With a welcome as we gather

We can feel our spirits rise.


2. ‘Welcome’ is the way of Jesus;

‘Welcome’ is his promised word;

Welcome is for saints and sinners;

All are welcome; all have erred;

Jesus speaks his word of welcome –

We respond for we have heard.


3. We all join in affirmation

Of the love of God we know;

Like the vastness of an ocean

Love is here in constant flow;

I am welcome; you are welcome;

Jesus says, “Let it be so.”

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