Call to Worship

Leader:  Blessed be God, the Source of all Being.

People:  Blessed be God, the Breath of the Universe, the Wisdom behind Nature and the Scriptures.

Leader:  Blessed be God, the Way of Reconciliation and Healing.

Welcome to [name of church]! Let us pray.


Creator God, you are the Spirit and Breath of the Universe. You are the Center towards whom we journey and the Way leading to wholeness. We see your world of abundance and blessing all around us. We hear your call to be your eyes, your ears, your hands, to experience this creation and care for it, expressing our wonder in thankfulness and praise.

We come together as a community of faith and compassion. We open our hearts and minds to you. Come, inspire us, dwell with us, and make us one in your Spirit.


People:  Amen.


St. John’s-Grace Episcopal, Buffalo, New York



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Review & Commentary

  • This is a beautiful prayer but I am wondering if I am the only one who has a problem with the word ‘worship’ when focused on 21st century theology.

  • William Flanders

    I find the beginning sentences full of life and wonder and dignity. If it be worship to which these phrases are directing us, then I have no problem with the term “worship.” However, the next paragraph
    does raise two questions for me. 1) Why is the phrase “breath of the Universe” repeated (as if the peoples’ words weren’t authoritative enough? 2) Why is the full paragraph given to the “leader,” presumably the clergy person, and not to the whole congregation? It is a strong statement that the congregation could both learn from and appropriate as an affirmation of faith.