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Can the Lost Art of Critical Thinking Change the World?

Conversation with Christopher Ocker!


Is critical thinking a lost art?

How can we engage thoughtfully with the world around us, engaging our minds and hearts?

What — if anything — can we credibly do about some of the most pressing challenges facing us today: war, poverty, racism, and climate catastrophe?

Is civilization itself a doomed project — and might something more holistic and integrated take its place? 

What can the history of Christianity — and the Reformation in particular — teach us about how people of faith respond and create change during times of upheaval?

These are just some of the questions Professor Christopher Ocker and I cover in our stirring video dialogue. Dr. Ocker — assistant Provost, interim Dean, and Professor of the History of Christianity at San Francisco Theological Seminary — is easily one of the most fascinating people I’ve had the privilege of conversing with.

I think you’ll get a lot out of valuable takeaways from our dialogue — Tune in here!

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