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Caring for non-human life

*Tune Londonderry Air


Oh, when we think in depth on the reality

Of life emerging everywhere on earth,

We share the restlessness and rich vitality

With creatures in our home of noble birth.

Each bird and beast is part of the totality;

All share the pain, the struggle and the mirth

Of living here, each in its own locality;

Yet join to form a wondrous web of cosmic worth.


Non-human life is here for us to celebrate;

Not to destroy, abuse, degrade or wrong;

We can respect, we can do more than tolerate;

Protect the weak, give freedom to the strong.

Both tame and wild, life has a right to procreate;

For beasts to fight, for birds to sing their song;

Yet in this world non-humans need an advocate

To call for justice. Let them live where they belong.


So let us honour life, its grace and sacredness;

See the Divine in everything around;

For life itself is that which charms with vividness

This earthly home to which we all are bound.

We can reverse the hurt and all the wretchedness

In which non-human life is often found;

To care for life in all its magic nakedness

Is to invest ourselves in love that is profound.


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