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Celebrating Pride Month with Faith & Reason

June is Pride month! Faith & Reason is celebrating by talking to LGBTQ Christians and ministers about their experience in the church, as well as how individuals can help inspire progressive change in their own congregations.


We talked to Katie Sorey, Student Life Coordinator for Inclusion and Involvement at Millsaps College, in Jackson, Mississippi, about how churches and individuals can work to make their congregation a safe space for the LGBTQ community.

“You have to do the work of radical hospitality and allyship before “We Welcome All People” truly means something. There are a lot of resources available to congregations about how to create safe and affirming spaces for LGBTQ+ people.”

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To continue our celebration of Pride Month, we talked to Rob Lowry, Senior Pastor at Fondren Presbyterian, in Jackson, Mississippi.

“I want members of the LGBTQ community that have had negative past experiences in the church to know that this pastor, at least, sees them, and acknowledges their pain, and understands it. And my deep prayer is not that anyone will get over it, but instead will not let it define them forever. And they will find a community of faith that serves them well, and that they can contribute to.”

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