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Challenges facing our democracy this Independence Day

The latest weekly episode of the Humankind on Public Radio podcast, which you can hear free when it’s released every Thursday, features our documentary, An Informed Republic. We explore the importance that America’s founders placed on the free flow of information for our participatory democracy to function.

Also coming up:
Released Thu July 8A Union of Citizens, which includes my interview with the late civil rights leader and Congressman, John Lewis.

Released Thu July 15: A visit to the remarkable Seeds of Peace in summer camp in Maine, where young people from various strife-ridden regions can meet, live and eat together and often become friends.

Released Thu Jul 22: We examine the process of Deep Listening by which people use self-reflection as a means of turning down the temperature of conflict. It allows us to cultivate greater understanding of someone we disagree with.

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Thanks and have a safe and holiday!

David Freudberg,
Host of Humankind

Review & Commentary