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Change Begins Here: Adopt the Mind of Christ and Build a Better World


We are in a time of transition, the midst of a cultural shift—what some have called “The Great Turning.”

Faced with massive ecological, economic, socio-political, cultural, and spiritual shifts, our very survival depends upon our response. In these uncertain times, many of us are feeling hopeless, anxious, overwhelmed, and paralyzed.

As spiritual people, this is our clarion call. This is our call to stand in our power, take personal responsibility, and wake to the realization that change begins here—right now—with us.

In Change Begins Here: Adopt the Mind of Christ and Build a Better World, Randy Siegel shows us how to become architects, ambassadors, and workers for a new age of unity, sustainability, peace, and love by embracing Christ or Unity Consciousness.

Most books of this type are long on information but short on practical application; this book provides both. Complete with compelling stories, real-life examples, powerful questions, and impactful exercises, this book gently guides readers through a process that is highly informative, engaging, inspiring, and empowering.

***Praise for Change Begins Here***

Randy Siegel’s newest book integrates the wisdom of his previous works with humility and humor. Inviting readers into their deepest longings, he draws on a variety of spiritual traditions to create prompts and practices that allow us to delve into our own experiences and plumb them for growth. “Change Begins Here” is a summons to personal transformation for the healing of the planet at a time when nothing less will do. — The Reverend Laura Collins

Randy Siegel presents readers with a masterful synthesis of thought from across the ages. Under his gentle guidance, readers receive a practicable and understandable approach to reflect the “Mind of Christ” and acknowledge the spirit of God within us. — W. Winston Wilfong, MD.

“Change Begins Here” is a book for these troubled times. By offering practical, how-to steps, the wisdom from a wide range of holy texts, and personal experience, Randy Siegel shows us how to substitute love for fear and emotional reactivity to change the world one action, one encounter, and one person at a time. — The Reverend Becky Rowell

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