Children of the Earth: Pioneering Spiritual Activism

Teen and Young Adult Curriculum

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Nina Meyerhof, Diane de Terra

Published by Red Barn, An imprint of Wind Ridge Books
Red Barn Books of Vermont
Shelburne, Vermont 05482


earth_in_hands_200The purpose of this book is to support the next generation and its role in integrating spirituality into individual lives around the globe. Books on the subject of spirituality and leadership are emerging in the fields of organizational development and business. Meetings held around the world are calling for inner reflection and seeking information for living a life filled with meaning and joy. Self-help books support people in their inner discovery of who they are and how to build better relationships. However, future generations, the inheritors of our actions, are rarely given the tools to prepare for this life journey. By helping young people now, rather than later, they don’t have to reconstruct the past. Imagine if you were told, “Be yourself. Be loyal to your inner voice.” Imagine if you were given tools to learn how to make and keep positive relationships with your fellow human beings. If that happened, we would all live in a more peaceful world.

This handbook is similar to a rite of passage into mature clarity. If there is to be a new leadership model for building a better global society it must have spirituality as its base. Spirituality is the uniting force. This awareness of how we are interconnected, needing to care for one another, holds us together as a species.

My devotion has always been to both spirituality and youth in recognition that this is the greatest form of peace building.



You are about to experience the guidance of Nina Meyerhof, an inspired and practical visionary. Her effective peace building and leadership development is known worldwide. She has guided countless emergent young leaders and her legacy lives on. Nina’s wisdom embraces cultural diversity. This extensive groundwork leads to evolved leadership. By integrating the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual parts of our human experiences we put in balance our own inner transformational work.

We can no longer preach peace without also being peaceful. Balancing the rational and the intuitive leads us to becoming effective and strategic. This inner and outer integration is a dynamic process. We never finish our learning because people and situations around the world always change.

What is in store for you if you master the practices in this handbook is a life committed to deep listening and deep dialogue. Dialogue is a two-way process with people opening up to share their deep truth with the other.

Many of us are inspired to be a part of visionary peace work. During that process we need to learn how to prevent our own triggers and judgments from arising when in charged and conflicted situations. We need to understand our own patterns
of wounding and hurt. We need to tap into the power of release, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

This work is for the bold and courageous as well as for the insightful and compassionate. It is for those committed to learning the skills needed to guide our planet towards peace, healing, justice, and sustainability. I can think of no better way to start developing those skills than with this classic handbook for emerging leaders of every kind.

~James O’Dea, Author and Human Rights and Social Healing Peace Activist


The Handbook

We offer this handbook as a resource for those of you who want to create a peaceful world through spiritual activism, activism that comes from the wisdom of the heart. While it is designed primarily for youth, ages 15-30; teachers, facilitators, and initiators may also use this handbook.

Two additional pieces complement the handbook: a training manual and a reflection journal. The training manual serves two purposes: to provide additional exercises for training youth; to offer training of trainer materials for both adults and youth. The reflection journal is for youth to record their spiritual activist journey.

Our handbook introduces you to the ethics, principles, and values that are the essence of Children of the Earth’s (COE) spiritual activism. It proposes a model and techniques that have proven effective for youth to create positive change. COE’s model, Reflect–Connect–Act, provides guidance and structure. The methods and techniques proposed here constitute a learning process designed to consolidate spiritual growth and societal actions. Two approaches are COE’s contributions to supporting development and involvement with spiritual activism: Connect by Conflict Transcendence and Act by Lateral Leadership.

This guide invites you to an inner revolution for social evolution. It is a path for global citizens to unite in a movement for peace. Add your own voice and methods to make this handbook into your own personal toolkit.

Members of Children of the Earth are available to guide anyone who wants support in using this handbook. Our schedule is flexible to accommodate different needs. COE offers one, three, or five-day sessions, as well as custom-tailored programs to meet your specific needs. Additionally, you can practice on your own and all are welcome to contact us with any questions at, or


Download the full PDF of Children of the Earth: Pioneering Spiritual Activism here!


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Review & Commentary

  • Beaubue

    Eric Ladizinsky: Evolving Scalable Quantum Computers – YouTube

    lIGHT & space connect with everything our physical senses & awareness from cognition
    can utilize – that, lack of separation (HOLYHOLYHOLY) in the laws of the physical universe
    _-_ physical conditions in human years seam drastically altered only over time in millions
    of years of gradual change. The most recent epochs going back through religious traditions beginning thousands of years ago have inculcated belief and perpetual descriptions in stories about human relationship
    with references between supernal context next to biology, between physiological symbiosis in nature with human outgrowth.

    Human cultures running the gamut with the supernal inferences embedded in effect too human conditions. . .biological & geological processes in humane awareness within perpetual `perceptual` habituation! Any attempt to extricate habituation with context to belief and behavior in action or symbiosis in nature is virtally impossible from references as the source of human knowledge. The earth & human physical senses are determinate with consciousness which is impossible to extricate from its source as energy; forces within our physical parameters & biological senses are determined by/with energy as the same source of everything in existence, simultaneously ! ! ! Realization is constrained by awareness to the scale `of the distances` within which the turning earth rock


    represent the opposites between microcosm and macrocosm. . . These are conditions of separation as matter from sub-atomic constituents in structure(s) (intrication/extrication) is the framework created as parts apart with the periodic table. . . Corporeal constraint of the biological flesh, blood, bone in context to the source from electra-chemical energy is the discretus separation by consciousness from matter: ever-present existence within light in sequence with micro/macro construction for material reality in constant cycles of generation, degeneration, regeneration. Any such essence beyond light is either incomprehensible or unknowable, such, parts if they’re of the universe which can’t be explored-!-there are no laws from physics beyond light is the incongruence between order & chaos (fallacy). The source for all energy is the little bang known from science by number’s reference applied to physical matter, which matter cannot exist without the concomitant source for energy as light. The source of light is the way the bigbang is constructed with numbers from theoretical physics into cosmology by cosmology’s basis in ultimate constituents as what constitute the uni.verse of existence, whether material or either immaterial.

    If a particle can exist in states of existence and non-existence simultaneously, this is the only inference beyond light forms from whatever evident can be or for what cannot be known from the infinite constituency of particles’ enumeration in sets, (the immaterial origin for particl3e causation).

    Can dogma be identified without any context to number order? How can holiness be augmented through the existence and presence of light? Which parts of creation apart from light are within the processes of decay; a contrast of holiness & decay are concepts without incredible references by understanding the structure of matter. Does experience derive from experimints and vice-versa? How do references and inferences to holiness, light, decay derive from understanding and knowledge about creation? What other the basis for understanding, experience and creation in light; how could there be knowledge without light? Which one of these does not decay in the universe – light & gold, dogma and faith? The processes of decay – light without decay?

    Humans live as biological, physiological counter-parts on a geological structure governed by laws of physics for the structures in all matter; arrangements, how are thoughts constructed as sets of the elements of consciousness? for human participation on a small planet named earth? All things in creation which are constructed as matter are made in sets – parts apart from light – what are the sub-atomic arrangement(s) of particles into elements – they’re the construction and structure of matter – or material things. Humans know about and understand

    some things because of the physical senses forming knowledge stored in brain matter, collected by frequency, resonance, vibration & ratios through sets . . . how else do frequencies bind?

    Here’s something to think about: one of the highest ranking republicans was a…wouldn’t Jesus say there is some type forgiveness for the rank? The reason I said that was to expose the type fallacy in what you write, (and its beauty-)_(.

    The entire creation is profane until you put into practice the second commandment; the entre creation is profane minus its other parts.


    Children of the Earth: Pioneering Spiritual Activism
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    If you read this to discern that politicia (polity) X`s have nothing to do with populations, you can expose properties (wavelengths) of the ruling class as a political axis. How does game gtheory reach Jesus’s nature? Where does raw material originate; the land, where does silicon for computers originate?

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    There is much ore to think about while applying words and meaning into learning. The arrangement of agreements & disagreements, order & chaos in the construction of cosmological creation, all places to go with space place between tines and turn(s). . . Are there other nomenclatures inside & outside of a black hole, different? How is one black hole connected to matter in light years?

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