Christian Mystics: 365 Readings and Meditations

Spiritual maverick Matthew Fox believes that through the ages religious patriarchal hierarchy and rigidity have obscured Christianity’s most beneficial and essential teachings: those that arise out of personal, mystical experiences of the Divine. A true religious renewal, according to Fox, can arise only through the mystical dimension of faith. In Christian Mystics, he offers a wide-ranging collection of quotations from Christianity’s greatest mystics and prophets of the past two thousand years. Fox explores and celebrates the mystical path with insightful commentary on the thoughts and revelations of some of history’s greatest religious visionaries.

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Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: New World Library; 1.2.2011 edition (February 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1577319524
ISBN-13: 978-1577319528


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“Matthew Fox might well be the most creative, the most comprehensive, surely the most challenging religious-spiritual teacher in America.”
— Thomas Berry, author of The Great Work

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The author of twenty-eight books, Matthew Fox has been an instrumental teacher and scholar in the revival of Western mysticism, particularly the work of Hildegard of Bingen, Meister Eckhart, and Thomas Aquinas. He lives in Oakland, California, and is a visiting scholar with the Academy for the Love of Learning.

Accessing Spirit through Mystical Union with the Divine
By Cynthia Sue Larson TOP 1000 REVIEWER on October 13, 2011

Format: Paperback

Who would suspect that a collection of quote-a-day mystical writings could be so uplifting, so inspiring, so thought-provoking as “Christian Mystics” proves to be? Some quotes are deceptively short, yet profoundly transformative when allowed to percolate inside, such as Master Eckhart’s, “Whatever happens to another, whether it be a joy or a sorrow, happens to me.” Matthew Fox adds insights in the manner of a congenial spiritually oriented professor, guiding us to view hidden connections and better grasp deeper meanings that might otherwise remain concealed.

There is genius in the organization of “Christian Mystics,” as quotes by particular authors such as Hildegard of Bingen, Julian of Norwich, Thomas Aquinas, and Thomas Merton are grouped in sections, so many pages in a row continue with gifts from a particular perspective. Matthew Fox adds his own mystical views via questions he poses following each quote, so each day’s quote takes readers on delightful journeys of spiritual discovery.

“Christian Mystics” succeeds both as a spiritual guide through mystical realms to be explored one page a day, and as a beloved addition for conversational stimulation and inspirational reference for any seeker’s coffee table, desk, or nightstand. Highly recommended!

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