Christianity Reformed From Its Roots- A life centered in God

Written by: Jairo Mejia. 

Offering positive alternatives to open-minded believers and unbelievers alike, Christianity Reformed from Its Roots challenges the traditional beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church on God, Jesus, and the Bible. Using the text of the New Testament, theologian and philosopher Jairo Mejia challenges us to rediscover the real Jesus, a humble Peasant of Nazareth glorified by his resurrection. Mejia argues compellingly that a true concept of God is more vital today than ever before and can be understood by both agnostics and atheists-thus asserting that there is no contradiction between science and religion, but a smooth and fulfilling meshing of the two. This enlightening and uplifting volume explores such topics as: What it means to be a Christian, The globalization of religion, Action and providence of God, Reflections of Christian faith, The meaning of God as a prayer.

In addition, Christianity Reformed from Its Roots includes an extensive glossary, alphabetical subject index, and comprehensive bibliography. In our modern world fraught with violence and persecution, it has never been more necessary to center our life on God and be like Jesus as we embrace our return to the roots of Christianity.

Topics: Interfaith Issues & Dialogue. 8 Points: Eight points. Resource Types: Books.

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