Christianity Without Dogma

A Personalized Way to Deconstruct Christian Beliefs and Practices

Christianity is declining rapidly, and Christians are actively deconstructing their core beliefs. If Christianity does not change, millions of people will continue to be traumatized by bad Christian business models and tens of thousands of churches will close their doors over the next decade.

Rather than destroy Christianity, deconstruction can save it. Christianity without Dogma was written to help people think through this more systematically. Without dogma, more people will be able to flourish spiritually, and deconstructed churches may even be able to start growing again.

Author Jack Bergstrand isn’t a ministry professional or pastor. He’s not interested in convincing you to believe a certain way. Instead, he draws from his background as a successful business consultant to help readers see the big picture of how Christianity works, how it got hijacked, and even how deconstruction can help save it.


 Watch below video “An Introduction to Christianity Without Dogma,
a discussion between Jack Bergstrand and Phil Drysdale (Deconstruction Network). 


“Jack is a successful businessman who has deconstructed the Christian faith in his personal life. Looking at Christian churches from a business model perspective, he suggests that they could benefit from deconstructing together and he sets forth a plan for how to do this. I found this book very intriguing. I think it could work in churches where pastors and leaders are ready for deconstruction. I found some of his observations quite profound.” – EJD

“Whether you were brought up in a religious family or discovered Christianity on your own, this book helps you celebrate your personal connection with God and to create your own path. Jack Bergstrand is a wise and gifted writer. He gives you different perspectives on why it’s important for you to look inside yourself and develop your own understanding. I liked the way Bergstrand invited you in and joined him on this journey of clarity. He wasn’t pushing a specific way and it never felt that he was saying you had to follow this way. It was a relatable, open discussion. He shows you how to find other additional information. I enjoyed the testimonies. It made his teachings more vibrant and real. I loved all the verses at the beginning of the chapters. Some of my favorites were John 1.1 and Matthew 12:33. A favorite line is ” We are all victims of our own unconsciousness” This sums up my past life pretty well. This book kept me fully engaged and helped me to appreciate the blissful moments in my life. And how to recapture them. I would recommend this book to those who like to ask why and then get the answer. To those who seek clarity that there methods are normal too.” – Jengel

“I really appreciated how this book gave different points of view on religion. Because religion can be such an uncomfortable topic to discuss, it it is nice to be able to read about people’s true thoughts and experiences. It did not feel like I was just being talked at but like I was part of a conversation. I would recommend this to anyone who feels like they are curious or want to be a part of Christianity but aren’t exactly feeling or matching up with how it’s playing out in society.” – JP

“In the last several years I’ve been through a bit of a faith transition – to where I feel more spiritually in tune, but perhaps less conventionally religious. I have felt alone in this, supported in this and a wide range of emotions. Some people in my life have been confused, some have tried to pressure me to continue on the path of regular church attendance, and some have rejoiced at my new found freedom. This has all been so personal, and to say, difficult. Reading “Christianity Without Dogma” by Jack Bergstrand has been a huge help and is a book I will undoubtedly return to over and over in the future.

“I loved considering the fact that I can take some of those practices I do enjoy and find peace in, and not feel guilty about letting go of some of those that no longer align with my spirit. I have always loved prayer. I have loved having a life dedicated to service. I have found peace in studying some of the teachings in scripture and modeling my morals along with the life of Jesus Christ. I don’t want to let those things go. I loved Bergstrand’s ideas of how to adapt, and learn to recognize dogma, cognitive dissonance and find your way like so many others have before hand.” – Florence Chavez


Author Jack Bergstrand has deconstructed his Christian beliefs over the past 30 years. He was part of the “silent generation” of Christians—a time long before “deconstruction” was a term or a movement. Jack looks at the faith through the eyes of an independent consultant, not like a ministry professional or pastor. He’s not interested in convincing you to believe a certain way or interested in circular theological debates. Instead, he draws from his background as a successful business transformation consultant to help you evaluate the bigger picture of where Christianity got hijacked by dogma, how it became more about business than love, and how your personal deconstruction can help you live a happier and more Jesus-centric Christian life. Visit his website here.

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