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Creating a Difference with Claremont School of Theology


Claremont School of Theology is United Methodist in origin and affiliation; and ecumenical and interreligious in spirit. Students are nurtured by Scripture, tradition, experience, and reason and are prepared for lives of ministry, leadership, and service. Graduates are prepared to become agents of transformation and healing in churches, local communities, schools, non-profit institutions, and the world at large.

Claremont School of Theology is located in one of the most diverse areas of the nation, Southern California. Our students range in age from 20 to 86, 60 percent are students of color and international students, almost half are women. We are LGBTQIA-friendly, representing more than 40 denominations and traditions. We are seeking friends and allies in working together to create a difference for the world we live in, now!

Claremont School of Theology offers graduate degrees that focus on ministerial and theological education in the Christian tradition. The degrees are suited for students seeking formation and education as ministers, lay leaders, educators, counselors, activists, and scholars in primarily Christian contexts.

Degree Programs:

* Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
* Master of Arts Religion (M.A.)
* Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)
* Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)
* Doctor of Philosophy in Practical Theology (Ph.D.)
* Doctor of Philosophy in Relgion (Ph.D.)

Certificate Programs:

* Biblical Studies
* Certificate in Christian Ministry
* Certificate in Engaged Compassion
* Certificate in Hebrew Bible
* Certificate in Islamic Education
* Certificate in Islamic Leadership
* Jewish Studies
* Methodist/Wesleyan Studies
* New Testament
* Process Studies
* Religion, Activism and Social Justice
* Religion and Politics
* Religion and Liberation: Global Perspectives

Watch President Kuan discuss Claremont School of Theology’s commitment
to ecumenical and interreligious education.

Summer Term 2017 begins May 30th – August 18th, 2017. Click here for Course Schedule


Review & Commentary