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Clear Faith: Clearing Away Stumbling Blocks for a Faith that Makes Sense

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Are you disillusioned by some aspects of Christianity, like having to believe the right things to “get saved”? Like the idea that an all-loving God would sentence anyone to hell? Like understanding an often contradictory Bible? Then meet CLEAR FAITH. Clear away those stumbling blocks to uncover a faith of your own that makes sense. Meet the Jesus we can truly call “brother.” By seeing with new eyes, through a clear lens, we can experience and live with a simple, straightforward faith that is globally inclusive, open, and compatible with a progressive, scientific worldview.

CLEAR FAITH, the author’s term, is a way of seeing, a way of perceiving, that brings the Bible and Jesus into human focus. By viewing the contradictions and apparent errors of the Bible plus the supernatural elements of both the Bible and Jesus in a human context, the disillusioned seeker can appreciate new freedom and clarity in constructing a faith in God that makes sense.

Susan Stover writes as a seminary-educated, mainline-Christian lay person who has been tripping over stumbling blocks long enough to compel her to seek new perspectives in faith. The CLEAR FAITH perspective is like a brand new pair of glasses bringing the foggy into sharp focus.


With the Clear Faith perspective, the Bible:

Is not GOD-dictated and transcribed;

  • Is not to be read and interpreted literally;
  • Is not inerrant; infallible;
  • Is not magical or supernatural;
  • Is not the single highest authority for a Christian’s life;
  • Is not closed for all time.

With the Clear Faith perspective, and bringing a sense of freedom, the Bible:

Is rich in truth and wisdom;

  • Is written by ordinary human beings who were inspired by their GOD-experiences;
  • Is set within multiple historical contexts of times and places;
  • Is a centuries-old compendium of faith ancestors with their interpretations of events and situations;
  • Is a collection of widely-varied points of view and interpretations that may or may not agree with my own;
  • Is open, living, waiting expectantly for my own interpretations—and for yours.

v v v v v

Using the Clear Faith perspective, Jesus:

Was not GOD’s only begotten Son;

  • Was not born of a virgin;
  • Was not superhuman;
  • Was not GOD.

Using the Clear Faith perspective, and bringing a sense of freedom,Jesus:

Was human;

  • Was amazing;
  • Was visionary;
  • Was in a close relationship with GOD;
  • Was compelled to share his vision of the kingdom of GOD.

v v v v v

Using the Clear Faith perspective, we could say this about GOD:

GOD unconditionally and incomprehensibly loves people and all that is.

  • Jesus’ crucifixion was not GOD’s “plan.” He was crucified as a logical consequence of his prophetic activities during a volatile political time. (There have been many martyrs besides Jesus.)
  • Whether or not there was a resurrection of Jesus’ body, it is true that Jesus “lives on” in some way, even today, in the hearts and minds of his followers.
  • To sin is human nature, part of what makes us human. It was never and is not a barrier between GOD and us, according to the view of a loving GOD.
  • While people do sin, our greater sin is imagining that GOD is concerned about it. We beg for mercy and forgiveness, while we could be spending our time working toward GOD’s vision.
  • The grace of GOD is and always has been real, unconditional love.
  • Clear Faith allows us a way of life with an uncomplicated trust in GOD without requiring belief in a set of beliefs.
  • We can live lives of love and compassion without knowing whether we will be rewarded in a heaven that may not exist.


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