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Climate Change and Faith Curriculum


A Partner Organization of ours, Progressive Christians Uniting, created this excellent curriculum to help people grow in their communities to care for the earth both personally and socially. These resources are for small group formation. Thank you friends at PCU for sharing!


PCU requires that people do a free one-time training on how to use this resource. If you are from afar, PCU can schedule a googlechat training with you. Contact them here for more info. They are also providing free trainings for eco-ministry team facilitators. If you are interested in being trained, email their Climate Change Coordinator Catherine DeMoss, or call the PCU office.


Check out our new “Go Green” action item under Resources on the home page for more tips and info on climate change.

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Climate Change Curriculum PDF


Climate Change Curriculum Facilitators Guide


Climate Change Holy Manners


Climate Change Additional Resources



“Prior to joining the Climate Change & Faith group, the only exposure I had to the subject was in grade school where we were told reduce, reuse, recycle! The small group helped me better understand that climate change is a reality, it is something that we cannot ignore, it is something that as a believer in Jesus I need to care about, and that faith and action in helping prevent climate change go hand in hand.”- Meagan

“Our household now has much less waste in our trash and recycling bins each week and we are more conscious of our consumption habits. We are also using the Metro train as much as possible for travel within the LA area. Easy changes – positive impact!” – Bettie

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