Come Holy Spirit

Using Our Spiritual Gifts to Change the World


Do you feel your spiritual life is dry, ineffectual, and lifeless? Ready for new, life-changing experiences? Take a deep dive into a life-changing book.

Many Christians are hungry for more power in their spiritual life. Come Holy Spirit is an invitation to believers at any level of maturity to journey with the animating, life-giving Spirit.

This book intends to launch you, the reader, into the midst of the Spirit’s transforming life. And once turned onto the Spirit, for you to use your spiritual gifts in service to Jesus to change the world.

Join with the Spirit in healing, intuition, action, and ministry. Track with the Spirit and your life will blossom into a beautiful fruit and manifest the presence and power of God.

The Spirit is moving. A new era of Jesus’ life through the Spirit is dawning. Say yes to adventure, to growth, to change, to the call of an ever-deepening experience of God’s life through the Spirit and the practice of your spiritual gifts. Grab on. The Spirit train is on the move.

STEPHEN M. BULL holds a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) and a Masters of Social Work (MSW). He combines twenty-two years of Christian ministry and twenty years of therapy to blend personal narrative, practical teaching, and his rich experiences in ministry and therapy to provide a trustworthy advocacy and approachability to this important dimension of life in the Spirit and spiritual gifts.

Published by  Apocryphile Press

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