Come, let us think like mountain rocks

From the Boundless Life collection

Come, let us think like mountain rocks,

Come breathe the song of scented breeze;

Come join the atoms’ quantum dance,

Come weep with all the fallen trees.


O let us pulse like surging waves,

Or flow as clear and running streams,

Explore the throbbing heart of Earth

And dream the plants’ and creatures’ dreams.


When liveliness evades our grasp,

When love grows weak and fears grow strong,

We still can feel the pulse of breath

And join once more in Nature’s song.


With joyful zest we raise God’s psalm,

The muse of past and present now,

The chant of fire that births new life,

The song of soil and root and bough.


Life’s many forms unite as one;

This earth is filled with sacredness,

All praise exalts the Cosmic God

Who dwells in mystic holiness.


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Text © William Livingstone Wallace. Arrangement © Barry Brinson

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