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Coming Back to Faith

The Journey from Crisis of Belief toward Healthy Engagement Meditative Signposts from the Christian Year

Coming Back to Faith: The Journey from Crisis of Belief toward Healthy Engagement Meditative Signposts from the Christian Year gently leads on the journey of faith or back home to faith; provides a sensitive and compassionate guide for living life as a Christian; aids with facing hardships with fortitude and renewal; helps move from chaos and despair toward passionate vitality; can lead from disillusionment to hope; and can calm the reactive and reenergize the faithful.

Do you desire to come back to faith (with some adjustments)? Does your former belief system no longer work? Have you been burned or wounded by your belief system? Have you come out of a toxic religious system or unhealthy church? Have you had a crisis of Christian belief?

This book is for all who desire to find a practical meaning in their faith and is especially for those who have left the faith literally, emotionally, or intellectually and are attempting to find a way to return. At some point, many desire to come back to faith but realize that they can no longer find a home in their former belief system. They may never be able to return to the mode of Christianity of prior years; however, they may find that a broader and healthier approach can be an authentic pathway to come back to faith.

The book is not about arguing theology or presenting minute developments of systematic beliefs. It paints, instead, broad, practical, and pastoral strokes of Christianity that can enhance life and give purpose. This book provides an avenue to begin the journey back toward the great pastoral themes of Christianity without all the baggage that is often attached to the Christian faith by those who desire to present their own brand of the faith. Often, it is not Christianity per se that sincere people reject but a literalistic and overdeveloped performance and behavior oriented perversion of the faith.

 I enjoyed reading the book because it offers religious/spiritual alternatives to the problems and issues most of us folks face in life. The author is well qualified to present the material in this book… Of course ‘real’ Christianity is about Jesus Christ which is the Gospel. ~ Christopher K. Horne, Ph.D.

J. LeBron McBride, PhD is a retired, experienced, ordained minister and certified pastoral counselor, as well as a licensed family therapist. He is also the author of Pastoral Care From the Pulpit: Meditations of Hope and EncouragementLiving Faithfully with Disappointment in the Church and Spiritual Crises: Surviving Trauma to the Soul.

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