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Coming Home to Our Better Selves

Coming home to community,
we come home to our better selves.
Coming together as community,
we can live as our better selves.

Creator, teach us forgiveness,
teach us the healing power of reconciliation.
Let your love pour out as a balm,
cleansing the old wounds,
releasing the poison of fear and hate.

Creator, teach us unity, teach us
to mourn with children of God in every nation.
Help us to learn from the heroes
who see brotherhood and sisterhood in others
and freely give their lives to save others.

Creator, teach us to build a better world,
teach us to work for justice.
Help us to live as peacemakers,
beating our swords into ploughshares,
creating the tools to live together in peace.

This poem was set to music as a choral anthem by Curtis Heard, Director of Music at the First Congregational Church of Long Beach, where Tina Datsko de Sanchez serves as Poet in Residence. Tina is the author of the bilingual poetry book The Delirium of Simón Bolívar.

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