Communion Invitation

All are invited to the communion table were we celebrate Jesus’ understanding of life and death. He broke the bread, symbolizing that all of life comes to us in broken pieces. Some waste their lives cursing the brokenness. Jesus wanted his disciples to know that by embracing the brokenness, we find ourselves more fully alive.

Then Jesus poured the red wine, symbolizing life’s sustaining blood. Living itself is the process of pouring out our life blood. We cannot drink (recapture) it. We only have two choices. We can pour it out in such a way that others can drink of it, or we can spill it wastefully.

When we partake of the bread and drink of the cup at this service of communion we are reminding ourselves of the gift of life that has been given to us by others and that to follow the example of Jesus, we are to pour it out in a way that others might live.


Review & Commentary

  • The question was, what does Communion mean to you?

    1. We are carrying out Christ’s command, Do this in remembrance of me. A church that does not make Holy Communion one of its principal services is not carrying out Christ’s command.

    2. Communion, whether in church or in a home or other surroundings, brings those participating closer together as a community.

    3. I believe, of course, that God or Christ is everywhere at all times, in the non-material universe which exists alongside our material universe; but I feel His presence especially near during parts of the Communion Service.

    4. I regard the bread and wine more as a symbol of Christ’s presence than as having the actual substance of His body and blood; but the fact that everyone participating in the service shares them does more than bring them closer as a community; it marks the fact that Christ is with us in a particularly close relationship at the moment of communicating.

  • William Flanders

    I have never heard an introduction and invitation to communion that prompted me to listen so closely.
    Yes, it may be only one of many possibilities, but this one is a wonderful call to give of one’s life, and ties that into the heart of Christian faith.