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Connect a Multimedia Film by The Black Chapel Collective

Set in the shadows of a climate crisis and Covid-19.


Alice Walker says Hard Times Require furious dancing..

In our present world today the impact and consequences of Climate Change and Covid19 have been staggering.

It would be fair to say that practically nothing on the planet has escaped these things – quite literally micro has exploded to macro at a level rarely seen in human experience. Our societies economic and political systems world-wide have been dazzled like a rabbit in the headlights. The impact for us, our families, our jobs, our health, our social lifestyles, spirituality and psyche is nothing short of astounding.

If ever there was, in our lifetime, an example of the delicate fragility and interdependence of life in our world and ecosystem this surely must be it. All organisms in a system depend on each other, if one rises or falls, then this can, and will, affect the rest of the system.

For many, experiencing and living this process throughout COVID19 has given us cause to reflect on this in terms of our worldviews and ways we live, work and communicate.

Into this setting The Black Chapel Collective (a group of artists, DJ’s, musicians,rappers and poets using contemporary multimedia) look to explore Interdependence and Connectivity.

Pre-modern wisdom is needed for post-modern times.

“What happens to another, whether it be joy or sorrow, happens to me.” (Meister Eckhart)

The seeds of life were born in the initial fireball over 13 billion years ago and developed to form stars, planets and solar systems. The whole universe continues to expand and grow. When we look up at night at the stars, we are not just seeing inanimate objects but the remnants of the beginning of the universe. Our film seeks to take us on a path or experience where we reflect on the nature of the Universe and big questions: Why am I here? How did life begin? Where do I come from? What is the purpose of life? How do I connect to the wider world? Is the Universe a safe place?

We believe it is not only safe, but sacred and divine, and should be cherished, defended and honoured.

Salvation can no longer be understood in anthropocentric terms – it MUST include the whole.

Scientists are commentators and explorers; Spirituality in all its varied forms, searches for the Divine, the unknown, and the mystical. Art is a medium through which these different ideas can be explored and mixed to form a new postmodern language and paradigm for the future. This film is designed to create a sense of awe and wonder whilst bringing people together through a shared experience. The aim is to inspire people and encourage conversations and reflection, linking science and spirituality to the human experience.

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