Creativity..Despair. Hope. Anger. Agriculture. Art. . How are you responding to Climate Change?

“It’s not about being heroic, it’s about being REAL.”
                                                      John Robinson
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Led by our CSC Elder Team:
Rev. Dr. Penny Andrews ’01, FacilitatorWork that Reconnects
Rev. Dr. John Robinson ’06, Author, Mystical Activism
Rev. Dr. Gail Ransom,’10, Community Organizer
First Thursdays at 
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Each of us is following a spiritual path in this unique and perilous time.  How are you weaving your Creation Spirituality with the constant news about climate change? What have you chosen as your spiritual service to Earth? 
Join us for a virtual wisdom circle and be inspired and supported by others in the CS community who are exploring the spirituality of service and are working to offset the effects of climate change. 

  Each person will have the opportunity to speak on topics like: 
What do you most cherish about Earth?
What wisdom have you gained from revering creation?
 What feelings does climate change bring up in you?
 What organizations have given you
  a way to address our situation?
What art inspires you to keep going?
Where is your consciousness focused
 when you act on Earth’s behalf??
What are the young people doing in your region 
and what kind of support are they needing?
What keeps you going? What gives you hope? 
All Four Paths will be woven into our discussions.
Via Positiva 
How do you express your reverence for Earth?
Via Negativa
What are your fears? What are you having to let go?
Via Creativa
What new ideas, images, and possibilities
are welling up inside of you?
Via Transformativa
 What is your ministry? To where are you drawn to offer service to Earth in this unprecedented time of change?
Please plan to join us on the first Thursday of the month. 
This gathering is supported by Creation Spirituality Communities. Please check out the CS Communities website to find out more about CSC. 

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