Creedal Compost

At Grace Church we read Iona’s Creed each week. Despite its beauty, saying it felt like swallowing a big square ice cube so I began to figure out my own Creed. I dug my way through every idea in there like a worm through dirt. Coming out the other side, writing what made sense to me, let me come closer to church.

Here’s mine, for now.

God moves in all that is and all that ever shall be.
Under the sky full of wind, rain and light
we feel the warmth of the sun,
see the glow of the moon,
and know we are fully alive and all is well.

A wise eminently good presence
Is with us always
Jesus was human – living, loving, dying.
He lived as we live, died as we die.
All flesh becomes dust as we come to rest.
Through death we remember that wisdom surpasses flesh.
We feel the presence of those we love, always.
In God’s time we join again with all creation.
As we remember this, we know that all is well.

Holy Fire burns within us all forging us into who we are.
We draw close, warming hands and hearts at the fire.
We turn then to love one another in ways we may not understand.
We trust in the resurrection of all things, fire from ashes.

Author’s Creed 2009

I love this process. I currently work with adults and teenagers inviting them to write Creedal statements that work for them, now.

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