Crystal Singing Bowls

The Angelic Sound of Healing, Relaxation and Spiritual Awakening

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Imagine picking up a shimmering bowl of light…
Infused with precious gemstones, minerals, and metals.
You gently draw the mallet around the rim, and your body is filled with an exquisite vibration of crystalline sound. Every cell in your body begins to sing. Your mind becomes quiet and still. Your heart begins to open. You remember who you truly are.

This book is not only a thorough and practical instruction manual to get started with crystal
singing bowls, it offers inspiring stories and guidance from Ashana’s twenty-plus years of
playing, teaching, and healing through crystalline sound. There are jewels of wisdom here for sound healers at any level of experience.

In this groundbreaking book you will discover:
● Technical guidance to play your crystal bowls easily and effortlessly, from day one
● Why crystal bowls can be instrumental in your personal healing
● How to intensify your intentions with crystalline sound so you can manifest the life you
● How to choose the perfect crystal singing bowl for you!
● How to work with the chakras and identify alchemies that will accelerate your
… and much more!


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