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Curriculum Sale! 25% off “A Joyful Path” Full Year Versions



A Joyful Path- The Inner Wisdom Series

Spiritual Curriculum for Young Hearts and Minds

This behavior-over-belief curriculum connects children with their own inner wisdom.  It teaches interdependence, self awareness, respect for nature, stillness, forgiveness, prayer, meditation, and integrity.  Using the Bible and other wisdom stories, A Joyful Path helps children learn how to follow the path of Jesus, other teachers, and real life heroes in today’s world.


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“The great need in the Christian church is for a Sunday school curriculum for children that does not equate faith with having a pre-modern mind.  The Center for Progressive Christianity has produced just that.  Teachers can now teach children in Sunday school without crossing their fingers.  I endorse it wholeheartedly.

~John Shelby Spong, Author, Jesus for the Non-Religious


25% discount can only be applied to A Joyful Path, in the Full Year Versions.


Purchase Now Using the Code: TEACH

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