Death Penalty: An Adult Education Resource

About the Curriculum – General Edition

What you Get

The DVD contains two video presentations to use in the class: a presentation by an exonerated former death row inmate and an interview with a former prison warden who oversaw executions.

The Lesson Plans

The curriculum comes with lesson plans for nine 90-minutes sessions (or sixteen to eighteen 50-minutes sessions). Click here for a sample.

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Review & Commentary

  • Several thoughts come to my mind about the Death Penalty. I’ve read several books on the death penalty and I have yet to be convinced that it is right. I was a secretary for a law enforcement agency for many years and attended several workshops on the subject. In the 1980s a report came out called the “Figi Report, ” I believe it came from the University of Kentucky. It basically said that the death penalty does not deter crime from happening and it seems to me that since the United States is #1 in the world for incarcerated people, something is wrong. My opinion is that we have too many weapons, mainly guns on the street, that makes it easy for the heinous crimes that have befallen us. Congress has tried over and over to solve the problem, but the National Rifle Association (NRA) has too much power and the mentality of people that have weapons blows my mind. Their idea is shoot first and ask questions later.

    Recently, I read a statistic that bothers me too in Time Magazine) that 1 person everyday commits suicide. I venture to say that most of those suicides are by guns. That doesn’t include most of the states that don’t report to the National Violent Death Reporting System. Only 16 states do. VetsFirst a charity which I contribute to, reports that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 30,000 individuals commit suicide each year in this country. Of them 20% are veterans.

    So I’m thinking something is wrong somewhere. Between heinous crimes by individuals or by suicide by individuals, it seems that our mentality is that if a person does these crimes – “get rid of them.” We need to find out what causes a person to get to this state of mind. I can name plenty of things, but the number one thing is that we, as human beings, are forgetting what compassion is.