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Discover a New Faith – Energy for a Better Life


discover a new faith macnabThere is an abundance of writers who have a need to tell the world how destructive religion has been. They are right. But they fail to recognize how powerfully constructive Faith can be. So many people are deeply aggressive about their beliefs. Perhaps a major step in their maturity would be to put their beliefs in the background as they allow Faith to be the energy of healing and hope.

Francis Macnab has been teaching the place of Faith in psychology and theology, in health and growth for decades. He claims that the churches have lost vast numbers of people because their Old Faith has lost empathy and relevance in the 21st Century. He advocates the need for a New Faith.

He has come under fierce attack from the believers . They wanted to uphold beliefs that were no longer believable. It was as if these people suddenly realized what Macnab had been doing and they wanted it stopped.

Simultaneously, his view points were posted on the internet and in a few days, he was being read and affirmed by people in some 65 countries.

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