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Look at me!  Check it out! I am grinning like a kid again!

I am one with the world in a flow of wonder!

Land, sea and sky join in my delight


My euphoria is a mystery

based on new-found wholeness, wellness, gratitude and honesty


Fresh energy drives me on; some great motivation enlightens me,

gleaming like a sun whose brightness disperses night’s gloom


Optimism flashes like lightning. I exude incorrigible enthusiasm

that no one even tries to repress


A mountain of troubled thoughts melts like a burning candle


Joyful life charges through me


Happiness flows throughout my world,

expanding like a light, endlessly into my universe


Everyone sees the new me that I have become,

even cynics concede there is something to cheer about.


Let anyone who depends on compulsions for satisfaction

admit that life becomes unmanageable.

Millions of people can testify to that

and teach how to overcome addictive tendencies


Faith in a restorative essence can overcome compulsions.

When I open myself to an inherent potential for healing

I am filled with happiness; goodness makes me whole


I am secure, lovable and capable,

saved from the destruction of dangerous habits


If you don’t believe me

just act as if it’s true

and the seed of renewal will grow with full-bloomed gratitude.



© Richard Holdsworth 2012

Review & Commentary