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Do I Know Jesus?

About the life of Jesus of Nazareth, the Bible records some of the story

A man who walked on Earth, helping us seek the God of eternal glory


Simply a commoner, living like a peasant, having no protective social ties

His teachings cast him as very God-revealing, a message without lies


How “divine” was he — or was he simply just a life-living human being?

A fellow “child” of God whose words may lead us to God with new meaning


He chose a path of love extended to all humans in the kind acts he did

Loving us so much and giving his life freely — no way could God be hid!


No “eye-witness” record was ever written into the Gospels of the biblical canon

Jesus’ story passed on orally, recorded decades later before blurring fully won


Can we take as truth that which was recorded in the historical chosen canon?

Is enough of a meaningful story there to give a portrait of God’s so-called “son?”


Jesus’ messages seem to ring true regardless of “Son” or “Triune” debate

Better I live out his teachings as truth, the matters of theology can wait!


For mortal life is much too short as we live and love and seek a sense of meaning

It’s how we treat others in being fully human where we can find the depth of being


Jesus as a spiritual guide to bring us to our own experiencing of the divine

To live as he lived and love as he loved — God would see as something fine

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