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Done For Podcast Season 1


By David Greenson, Andy Chirch and Rev. Jessica Shine

Welcome to Done For, the podcast that’s all about two basic questions:

* “What leads to a good death?” – and then,
* “What does that tell us about how to live a good life?”

More specifically, what does constructive contemplation of and preparation for mortality look like? How do we think about and prepare for the fact that we’re all gonna die… and hold that in a way that enriches our lives, rather than bogs them down?

Each episode, we’ll explore a particular approach to death, dying, and living. It might be a thousand year old tradition, or an interesting new book that came out last week.

Hosts Andrew Chirch, David Greenson, and Jessica Shine bring their different perspectives to an exploration of death and life. Funny, bittersweet, sad, and sometimes amazing.

Visit Done For’s website here.

About the hosts:

Rev. Jessica Shine is the Community Minister for The Chaplaincy Institute’s Interfaith Community, based in Berkeley, CA. Jessica is a certified chaplain, ordained minister, and thought leader and was ordained to ministry by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Her experience encompasses Clinical Pastoral Education, POST certified police chaplaincy, pastoral ministry at the local church, various international missions, small groups, and classroom education. Jessica loves the outdoors, music, food, and conversation… and food.

David Greenson grew up in Oakland, California, before it was hip, and then spent twenty-seven years in New York City, many of them living in an intentional community and working as a grassroots political organizer. He now lives in Asheville, North Carolina, in spite of his disinterest in beer, dogs, and hiking. He is studying to be an interfaith chaplain, and writes every day, although he’s not sure yet to what purpose.


Andy Chirch is a Writer, Podcaster, Interfaith speaker, Activist. Curating & amplifying voices that illuminate the world.

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