Dream of a Kingdom?

Repression is no more –
Vain the illusion
Of justification
When power increases
And the price is right.
Race, gender, poverty
Disfigured earth
No longer serve
A tyrant’s self-aggrandisement.

Religion is no more –
Fragmenting humankind
With doctrine, creed
And narrowness of heart.
Not darkly through a glass
Truth stands at length
In beauty unaffected
A prospect indivisible
Love is her only name.

The kingdom is no more –
It has no king
Enthroned in regal splendour
Daunting a lesser breed
With his magnificence.
Instead it owns a Lord
Cloaked in humility
Lifting the people’s eyes
To unimagined joy.

© David Stevenson 2009

Review & Commentary