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Easter Litany

Astonished, with the pain of Good Friday lingering in our consciousness, we awake to a new day of hopes and miracles.

We sought closure for the tragedies of the past, but you now beckon us to seek openness to the miracles of present. You have surprised us with grace, and have shown us a different future than the one in which we were convinced.

We know that the good news of resurrection, as well as being a cause for joy and celebration, is also a challenge to never resign our spirits to the “inevitable.”

For the “inevitable” is what has been buried with the rising of the “imaginable.”

The prison of death has been ransacked by the power of life…the dungeon of disillusionment has been replaced by the sanctuary of assurance.

Resurrect our spirits and faith that we may go forth to a world in need of our good news and our good deeds, that truth may reign…that justice may prevail…and that mercy may mend all our past hurts and restore us to health and wholeness.

Rev. Bret S. Myers, 3/27/2013

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