Easter Sunday Prayer

I’m a scientific kind of guy and to tell you the truth

I find the stories of the empty tomb hard to take in

The gospels don’t help much because each of them tells

A very different story, with very contradictory details.

Which should I believe? If any…

Can we really know for certain what happened?

What we do know is that a frightened & demoralised

group of disciples of Jesus of Nazareth

Who had just been brutally executed

experienced something so momentous that they realised

That Jesus was still in their lives and hearts –

That it was now up to them

To carry on the work that Jesus had started

So convinced were they of the essential truth of this experience

That many of them, in their turn,

Were prepared to go to their death rather than deny

their commitment to Jesus as their risen Lord

Help me to experience

The living presence of Jesus and to follow in his footsteps.



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